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“Till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ,” Ephesians 4:13


Manifesting Faith. Revealing Truth. Transforming Minds worldwide.


WORDly Expansion Project

Teacher, Life Coach, Author and Blogger

NGOL'ESUEH E. Solomon-Ray

Mantra: Live Truth. Live Free.

Life Purpose: Revealing Truth, transforming minds and manifesting Faith worldwide.


NGOL’ESUEH E. Solomon-Ray lives in Yaounde, Cameroon. for those who can’t figure out where that is and you’re a soccer fan, think of Roger Milla or Samuel Eto’o. Yeah! that’s the country. He lives with his lovely wife Marbel.

Solomon-Ray from his very early age (primary school), was so passionate about the Bible that he would take books of bible stories and share with his friends at school. This burning passionate for Truth really never left him all this time, for it is out of this passionate that WORDly Global is born.

Solomon-Ray is burdened with having Christians worldwide understand their new identity in Christ Jesus and the Life that is theirs in Christ Jesus.

He loves guiding people to be more spiritually productive and in engaging with Christ Jesus through the Word. Also, guiding Christians in discovering their true nature, identity, and purpose in Christ Jesus. Through WORDly Global, he is reaching out to Christians on the globe with articles which are intended to awaken in us the strong desire to live out a more purposeful life through Christ Jesus and for the Kingdom.

WORDly Global is not just out to cause a mere paradigm shift, but a complete transformation of our minds, causing us to conform more to the person of Christ and less of ourselves as the world would have it.

He loves sports especially playing basketball, soccer (it’s been a while though), and jogging. He enjoys listening to music.

He is very ready to connect with you if you have questions, or need advise for a more productive spiritual-personal life. If that’s you, just click the button below and send him your thoughts. If not, scroll down and enjoy your stay with us. You’re Blessed and lifted.


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Adequate comprehension of scripture is crucial in our daily maturing as sons of God. As in natural life, spiritual growth is a must if we must replicate and exude the infallible wisdom of our Father and His Son Christ Jesus on the earth.


This article provides a brief but insightful knowledge as to the identity of Christians in Christ Jesus, and our heritage in Him.

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Are you a born-Again Christian and are battling the desires of the flesh? Don't be alarmed, there's a way out of this captivity. Find out more!



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